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The Challenge

Clayton Banfield, founder of RedSail Creative opened a sign shop. And assumed that was that, after all he had years of experience making quality signage. 

However it soon became apparent that half the people who wandered in wanted more. Marketing, Websites, Branding, Brochures etc..

it soon became apparent that it was time to grow…

The Project

Jump ahead a year and add in more people more skills and more offerings. Add to that a web designer/developer with 24 years of experience coming on board. She took one look at the current web situation and said. NO that must GO. So between gigs for clients we diligently began the rebranding and rebuilding of our own Red Sail brand and presence. Did it take more time than we needed for a client’s presence? Yep. Was it worth it in the end? Hell yes. We think it looks right nice you.
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