the redsail Team

& our super star Partners

I started RedSail because I saw the need for an affordable, approachable signs & designs boutique agency.Then I stalked these other people until they agreed to come work with me.

Did I say stalked? I meant I cultivated.

Then I cultivated working relationships with talented like minded people, inviting them to join me in bringing a breath of fresh unpretentious air to the design scene in Lunenburg county.

That’s what RedSail Creative is all about, putting you at ease when you put your trust in us.

Clayton Banfield,

Founder RedSail Creative.

The team

We may be a small but we are mighty & agile, really creative and a just a little nuts (all the good people are) 

Clayton Banfield

Clayton has been in the sign and design game for nigh on 20 years now. 

For Clayton design is more than a passion, his eyes cross when he sees a bad design oh and he also gets  a little weird about fonts.

Clayton cares about the work he does and it shows in the quality of the products he produces.  

founder/designer/sign maker

Craig Hubley

Craig is all about the numbers; values and priorities. He guides our clients through the mire bringing their vision forward.

Craig is the sanity advocate, pathfinder and the ever calm voice of reason. He keeps his clients and partners on track and on budget.

Techs: (semantic) mediawiki intranets, green offices & homes, telework support, support-driven development, 20+ programming languages

Project manager/wiki geek/cat herder

Andrea Witzke

Andrea has been designing websites since 1995. Andrea has been rescuing the princess in php &  “gently” guiding clients towards clean uncluttered design for years and is the office champion for WordPress, Elementor Cloudflare & clean clean code.

Andrea knows a more than a thing or three about SEO and other geeky things too.

She also insists there be good coffee around the office, and she bakes a mean brownie.

designer/web developer/baker

logan plant

Meet Logan Plant from Prince Edward Island. FINALLY we have a team member who isn’t asked if he qualifies for the seniors discount! 

A journalism geek from Holland College in Charlottetown. Logan held serious gigs before joining gang at RedSail, luckily Logan decided that life is too short to be serious.  Logan is our resident guide to social media , advertising, and kickass photography.

Techs: copy writing, photo. & videography, & social media.


Our Partners

We have partnered with some real superstars to make sure you have access to all the talent you need

Copy & Ghost writing

Casper the ghost

Who else? Actually we have quite a few copy and content writers we work with. Need a content partner? We can hook you up.. 

Photography & video

Our talent

When your project requires more than stock photos we’ve got your back. We know more than a few photographers, product shots, beauty shots, head shots, or foot shots (we don’t judge). Whatever you need captured we can help with that. 

Your talents here

This could be you

Got a skill or talent in design, copy, photography, web design, sign making, juggling? Want to share it with the world? We are always on the lookout for talent. Show us yours. 


when you need us

Batman has the bat signal that shines through the darkest night, calling Batman to the scene and criminals to justice! 
We have the RedSail support email line, maybe not as dramatic but sure as heck as effective. 

Need help? Just grab your bat signal..wait no scratch that, just drop us a line we respond to our clients quickly and with results! 

web design, brand development, signs & designs, vehicle lettering, window decals, branded swag, content development, product photography, training … cat herding

35 Falkland St Lunenburg, NS. 902.298.1292

We do that