about you

we give a lot of thought to what works 

for you

You are

An Entrepreneur

Whether you are in the process of developing & launching, or are already running your business, your time is precious.We are just as focused on results are YOU are.

Looking to increase your reach

We have a team of people ready to stand behind you and help you realize your dreams. When you are ready to grow we are ready too.

Ready for a new look

Seasons change, times change and sometimes your look or brand needs to change too. We have the experience, skills and expertise to help you take that next step.

Need a new sign? Is the Website looking a little dated? Or maybe you just need to talk to someone who will ACTUALLY HELP you figure out why the email demon keeps eating your email?  *

we can help with that...


(ok maybe not eats design..really who eats design? )
We DO know what we are doing though & we have done lots of “it” too. 

Call, email or drop in, tell us what you need, see what we can do for you.



Branding is important. Just imagine what would have happened if Nike Inc. had decided to give branding a miss they may have ended up with.

Shoes are nice” instead of

“Just do it”

If you are developing a new brand or revisiting an old one  we can help!


We can also help you wrap your head around new tech, we can teach you how to do stuff. 

Facebook, website updates, set up a customer outreach plan, marketing plans, take a better picture for your media campaigns.

Or just make a better cup of coffee! (we SWEAR by manual grinders)



Training for DYI

We will give you the tools you need and we can teach you to use them too! 

One on one or team training when you are ready to learn we are ready to teach.

* Funny story...Andrea our lead developer received a frantic call one day from her Mom.
"Andrea what is happening? My email is possessed!"
Pause..."Umm Mom.. what are you talking about?"
"I got a message, I tried to send an email. It didn't work, but I got a message!"
"Err ummmm, Mom what did the message say exactly? "
"It told me the MAIL DEMON was taking my email ! IT ATE MY EMAIL! "
Another pause..."I love you Mom"

web design, brand development, signs & designs, vehicle lettering, window decals, branded swag, content development, product photography, training … cat herding

35 Falkland St Lunenburg, NS. 902.298.1292

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